Alright Arizona, I see your illegals and raise you US citizens

by Adam Hammer on August 4, 2010

Keep Out Sign

Read the sign, punk

California needs to step up their immigration policy. We’ve got too many people coming into the state, uninvited, that take our jobs and raise our taxes.

I’m not talking about Mexicans. I’m talking about the free-thinking, left leaning, government-loving liberals from other States.

Keep your hippies. We don’t want them.

They come here hoping to break into entertainment, web design, graphic design or just stupid shit involving hemp. When they don’t make it they take the jobs our high school kids used to do – dog walking, baby sitting, food service, etc. When those jobs conflict with some stupid global warming rally they just have to attend, they get fired, and bleed the unemployment system. All while voting in higher taxes and voting out businesses – farming and food producing business that the good people FROM California have worked generations to build.

And they don’t even try to assimilate. They come here and brag about the state that they’re from and complain about my home state. A state I used to think was beautiful.

“I miss seasons.”

“The pizza here sucks.”

“L.A. has horrible public transportation.”

“California has crazy drivers.”

Nobody asked you to come here!

I hate that my tax dollars are paying for these people’s kids to go to school just because it’s hard to find acting work in Montana. It’s not my problem.

They clog up the freeways with their hybrids, the streets with their bikes and intersections with their stupid protests.

Go back to Kansas and complain about the wars! We’re too busy surfing, eating tacos and making wine to give a shit.

They’ve come here and taken a stranglehold on our state. California used to be the state of Reagan and Nixon. Now it’s home to Barbara Boxer and Antonio Villaraigosa. 2 retards that have no problem stealing your money to hand out to people from other places that don’t want to work just so they look good come voting season. They don’t care about you, OR California. We’re suffocating.

If there was a sudden rise in popularity of animal abuse, these two would be on the news kicking puppies just to get your vote. They don’t care about what’s important, or right, or even what’s real. They have an agenda – reelection. And if they convince the unemployed hippies that have taken over our state that they’re “greener” than their opponent, they get the votes. No matter how much it costs the businesses and taxpayers that used to keep this state just above water.

Look how well these open armed, no questions asked, government will foot the bill policies have worked for San Francisco. Indebted, expensive, money-hemorrhaging, sanctuary city!

This needs to stop.

Pay attention other states, your societal fringe is not our responsibility. We can’t afford them. We don’t want them. We’re full.

Since the federal government won’t do a thing to stop this influx of unwanted visitors, it’s time for California to act. Lets man the borders with people that will spew Limbaugh/Hannitty/O’Reilly rhetoric to every person entering the state. If you recoil at their opinions, you can make a u-turn and head back to where you came from. Otherwise we’ll give you a temporary California visa to go to Disneyland and see the pacific ocean.

But stay out of the water. You can watch the surfers from the sand.

Californians, it’s time to secure our borders. Then we can focus on the people that are living here uninvited.

Feel free to go to Arizona. I think they’re gonna have a lot of vacant apartments in the near future.

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