What’s the P.C. term for Terrorist?

by Adam Hammer on October 20, 2010

"You've NEVER seen Sister Act? Not even Sister Act 2?!?!"

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar both walked off The View last Thursday after Bill O’Reilly said, “Muslims killed us on 9/11!”

I’m not sure why they walked off their own show.

Was it because of O’Reilly’s candor, lacking any political correctness to soften his exclamation? Or were they worried an audience member was a Muslim suicide bomber locked, loaded and ready to “Allah Akbar” the entire studio after his statement? If it was the second reason, I understand. But I assume it’s the former.

What O’Reilly said is factual. Muslims flew the planes into the buildings. Doesn’t matter if they were moderate, extremist, or even non-practicing Christmas and Easter-type Muslims. They killed people in the name of their god. It was a religious massacre by religious zealots who were… Muslim.

He didn’t say ALL Muslims killed Americans. He didn’t say EVERY Muslim is a terrorist. He simply said that the people who killed us on 9/11 were Muslim.

Some suggested he add “extremists” as a follow up to Muslim. That Muslim EXTREMISTS killed us on 9/11. But why stop there?

He didn’t tell us what he meant by the word “us”. I remember 9/11. I was not killed by a Muslim. I assume none of the hostesses from The View were killed by Muslims on 9/11. And I’m also willing to bet O’Reilly himself was not killed by a Muslim on 9/11. So I have to assume that by “us” he meant Americans.

But, I doubt that everyone that was murdered by the Muslims was American. As much talk as there is about illegal immigration in this country I have to assume that people from other countries died in those towers as well. There had to be at least one janitor there, or even an intern from India or something. So not only did Muslims kill Americans, they killed foreigners as well.

So maybe he should have said “Muslim extremists killed Americans and foreigners on 9/11”

But saying “foreigners” can be misconstrued as a derogatory term. It’s got a stygma of ignorance attached. And besides, if you ask a Native American, we’re ALL foreigners so let’s redefine the victims as people.

“Muslim extremists killed people on 9/11”

And while we’re at it, a lot of people didn’t die, some were just hurt. So let’s not forget to include those victims. We need to appease everybody. And I guess technically is was the planes, fire and collapsing buildings that killed and injured the people.

“Muslim extremists were onboard the murderous planes on 9/11 that flew into buildings and killed/injured people… and probably some animals.”

But that’s so LONG. Mr. O’Reilly, I want to help you out. Next time you have something to say, think of all parties involved and come up with a statement that the viewing audience can’t disagree on. Let’s practice, “why don’t you want the mosque built?”

“Something happened on 9/11. It wasn’t cool.”

And once again, nothing is accomplished through political correctness.

But back to what he said, “Muslims killed us on 9/11” is a true statement – assuming “us” refers to the innocent people in the buildings and on the planes.

Just like if I said “Christian leaders like to fuck little boys.” I would also be making a real, factual, statement. See how that works? (TANGENT: I’m sure if I knew how to write that in arabic and threw it in a Google search, I wouldn’t be the first person to put that in writing. I’m sure this Eddie Long scandal is just another in a long list of propaganda points the anti-American terrorists like to show their future martyrs as justification for blowing stuff up.)

Personally, I don’t care either way about the mosque in New York. I think all religions are bullshit but our constitution grants every body the freedom to worship. So whine all you want, that’s a right that’s not gonna change.

But the mosque does bother people who I think have a real grievance. The attacks WERE carried out in the name of Islam, as an attempt to spread their theology and that doesn’t sit well with anyone whose heart broke watching those towers fall.

So here’s my suggestion…

Let the market sort it out. If they build that mosque and Americans somehow think it’s a trophy to show that Muslims are winning in whatever this war is about, fine. Let there be a trophy. But why not surround the mosque on every side with strip clubs, gambling halls, hookers and hot dog vendors with bacon wrapped hot dogs to show them they aren’t winning? Give them a little free enterprise AND pork. Play loud ass American rock music during Ramadan. Have chicks in bikinis sit on the sidewalk reading books and back-talking their boyfriends. Reroute the Gay Pride Parade to end right in front of the building. Show them we’re still ahead. Fuck your trophy, it’s covered in shit. They’ll have a FOR SALE sign up in no time. Then we can put a Wal-Mart there or something.

Or just let them build it without protest, then blow the building up. Fuck it. Blow it up. Eye for an eye. Show your conviction. And do it on 9/11. If you don’t respect the freedom of religion granted in the constitution, then why respect any rights or laws?

Let Bill O’Reilly say “We killed Muslims on 9/11.”

I doubt Whoopi and Joy would walk out on THAT.

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James November 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm


Perhaps you might need to get out and research some facts yourself and not simply believe what you american government and american media want you too believe. There is nothing factual in the statement that Muslims flew the planes into the WTC buildings. Its a rather convenient truth that any evidence to the contrary was firstly erased in the initial event and quickly followed by the removal of all material offshore before an investigation could be made. Look it up you might be surprised.


joy behar January 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm

muslims murder daily somehwere. I refuse to call them extremists, radicals, a muslim is a muslim!


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