Occupy A Gun Store

by Adam Hammer on November 29, 2011

The New NYPD Lasik Procedure

So Occupy Wall Street has been turned into Occupy A Shower for the most part. It’s a shame. As misguided as I think the protestors were in their big government demands, I still thought they could be a catalyst to positive change. The fact that all these banks got to make profits off of their own bad investments just doesn’t sit well with me in a free market. And I was glad that people were angry, even if it was an anger with the wrong solution. Misguided rage makes me smile.

But the party’s over. Our public servants made sure of that.

There are videos of police in riot gear jabbing billy clubs into the stomachs of peaceful protestors. Videos of police walking through encampments ripping up tents. Pictures of innocent protestors bleeding thanks to “non lethal” weaponry. The collegiate pepper spray extravaganza at UC Davis. Even pregnant women and the elderly were pepper sprayed in Seattle. Another step toward gender equality!

All of this was done by the fine, upstanding police who have not only sworn to uphold the constitution, but also to Protect and Serve. It was written on the side of the police car who gave me a jaywalking ticket – when I crossed an empty street, in the cross walk. It was written on the side of the police car my 15 year old head was slammed into as my “protector” called me a “faggot,” told me I was gonna make a good bitch in prison and then “served” me a face full of cigar smoke as he drove me to the station. I wasn’t armed. I wasn’t resisting. I wasn’t even talking. He just wanted to show me how small his dick was without whipping it out. It was written on the side of the cop car who pulled my wife over to get her phone number. She told him she was married. He shrugged and smiled. She scoffed. After a couple minutes of harassing her he split. I guess to protect and serve other people.

Last week I watched the systematic break up of the Occupy movement all across the country by police squads. I guess they’re protecting and serving the state that cuts their check, not the people who pay them. But they needed to break up these protests. Winter’s coming. We can’t have our serving protectors shivering, watching, intimidating peaceful protest encampments. They should be warm in their cars watching the streets, waiting for a victimless crime to happen so they can pounce on a perp and rough ‘em up. Or conducting check points that bring traffic to a stand still just to see if someone who is driving perfectly fine is carrying a driver’s license. Or they could be spending their time locking up innocent people because their FIRST NAME matched a suspect. Our tax dollars, hard at work.

Before I move on, I should point out that I don’t believe all police officers are bad. I know the one that isn’t, personally. The rest of the good ones died rescuing people when the towers came down.

All the shaky iPhone videos of excessive police force used against peaceful protestors reminded me of a video I saw last month of Joe Biden pleading for Obama’s jobs bill to be passed. He was in Flint, MI begging for them to pass the Teachers and First Responders Act. He warned that rapes and murders will continue to rise if we didn’t have more “First Responders.”

First “Responders.” Not First “Preventers.” I would guess that street lights prevent more rapes and murders than cops do.

Now, I don’t know where Biden got his numbers from. He said in 2008 there were 265 cops, 35 murders and 91 rapes in Flint, MI. In 2010 there were 144 cops, 65 murders and 229 rapes.

The charts that I looked at all gave different numbers from what he quotes. Maybe he’s including the surrounding cities in his totals for rape and murder. I don’t know. But if you included numbers from Baltimore when you say DC crime is on the rise, it’s gonna look inflated.

From what I can tell murders were 32 and 53 in 2008 and 2010. Rapes were 103 and 92 in 2008 and 2010. Number of officers were 201 and 132 for 2008 and 2010. Murder went up some when the number of cops went down. Rape went down some with the number of cops.

What’s interesting to me is that 2006 had the most rapes (143) and most murders (54) in that last 11 years. They also had 258 cops. Huh. More rapes, more murders AND more cops. What was their street light situation that year?

Murder rates did indeed increase between 2008 and 2010. Although they were lower in 2009 (30) so it wasn’t a steady rise coinciding with the steady loss of officers as implied. And rapes actually went down, gradually, between 2008 and 2010.

What Biden didn’t mention was thefts have also gone down with the loss of officers. Burglaries are slightly up – but they were down in 2009. Robberies are down too. And arson? Well, arson seems to fluctuate all on its own regardless of police officers or economy. They’re a special brood.

Biden needs to use hyperbole to scare you into trusting him and nothing grabs your attention quicker than the words “Rape” and “Murder”. Except maybe “cunt.”

What I see from these charts is that the crime rate has almost nothing to do with how many first responders there are. By looking at the unemployment over the last 10 years, it really spikes in 2007 – when we had the most cops AND a ton rapes and murders. I assume unemployment checks started running out around 2008. The unemployment continues to climb to 25% in 2010. The more affluent move out of town – taking anything of real value with them. Including jobs I assume. The people that left saw a city in decline with no reason to stay. Maybe they were sick of getting pulled over for missing tail lights in a city overrun with rapists and murderers according to Biden, but that’s just speculation.

After those who can, leave, most of what’s left to make money on is gang affiliated – drugs, weapons, etc. Most of who’s left are the impoverished. The desperate. There are no jobs. They have no money. So they turn to crime. We’ve all been there, right? It’s how you get beer money in high school.

So what should we do with the murdering rapists who stuck around with nowhere to turn but crime? Might as well just give them all jobs as Police Officers. They already have the skills!

Police Officer Accused in Pregnant Woman’s Death
I guess Planned Parenthood was all booked up.

Gardner Cop Facing Child Rape Charge Resigns
Please, call me officer Sandusky.

Two Officers Charged in Thomas Death
Hey guys, I’m bored. Who wants to beat on a homeless man? Did I mention he’s mentally ill??

Fullerton cop sex-assault suit may be settled
It’s not rape if you take the settlement.

Pomona PD Faces Wrongful Death, Excessive Force Claims
Don’t tell on us or we’ll kill you. LOL!

High Speed Collision With Police Cruiser Results in Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Outta my way, I think I see a jaywalker!

Huh. I was wrong. I guess there ARE rapes and murders that cops can prevent – the ones they cause.

What do they want really more cops for? To keep us intimidated. Not to protect us. Not to prevent rapes or murders. To silence dissent. To maintain the status quo. To make sure we only use our first amendment rights to praise this country and not question it. And to fill out reports for insurance claims. I’m not ALL about conspiracy theories.

I suggest we all exercise our 2nd amendment right and protect OURSELVES and our freedoms. A gun is much cheaper than a cop’s salary. And a gun won’t “protect” you by “serving” you a pointless jaywalking ticket. We have more than enough cops. Let’s save our money.

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Kyle Tenapsol December 25, 2011 at 11:18 pm

5 million to settle a separate wrongful death suit stemming from a 2007 collision that involved the Vera and a bicyclist in Santa Cruz.


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