Mitt Romney Pays WAY Too Much In Taxes

by Adam Hammer January 29, 2012

This blog may get weird. I was at the dentist today spending the last of what’s left on my credit card’s available balance having a temporary crown put in. The real crown won’t be in for 2 weeks. That’s how much time I have to find $160 to pay the balance. Otherwise, I don’t know… […]

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Occupy A Gun Store

by Adam Hammer November 29, 2011
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So Occupy Wall Street has been turned into Occupy A Shower for the most part. It’s a shame. As misguided as I think the protestors were in their big government demands, I still thought they could be a catalyst to positive change. The fact that all these banks got to make profits off of their […]

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An Open Letter to Rick Perry

by Adam Hammer September 16, 2011
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Dear Rick Perry – Welcome to the race! I know the media has had you in it for quite some time and before you even officially made your announcement, they shot you up to number one. That’s gotta feel good. Starting off at the top. It doesn’t surprise me that you started there. You’re charismatic, […]

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An Open Letter to Ron Paul

by Adam Hammer August 17, 2011
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Dr. Paul – I caught you on the Republican Debate leading up to the Iowa Straw Poll. Good stuff my man. You were brazen, sharp, trailblazing, and fresh, to say the least. They all said “We need to cut spending” and you told them exactly where: the military. That’s a bold move man! One that […]

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Teachers Are the Problem

by Adam Hammer April 8, 2011
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The government is broke and teachers are the problem.

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